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How I Met Your Mother: 5 Ways The Final Season Was A Letdown (& 5 Ways It Was Perfect) How I Met Your Mother"s final season was widely panned. It was a letdown for many reasons but it actually also did some things properly.

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How I Met Your Mother was on its way khổng lồ becoming one of the best sitcoms of all time until the final season happened. Season 9 divided fans into two groups: those who defend the show & those who felt so betrayed they will never speak of it again. The majority of season 9 didn"t take place in thủ đô new york City, but rather in Farhampton where Barney và Robin were about khổng lồ get married. From Marshall"s redundant solo journey to the horrible pacing, the show"s final season was problematic on several levels.

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Not all of it was bad, though. The long-awaited mother finally joined the show and did the "possimpable": she far surpassed the incredibly high expectations. The season also connected all the loose ends and took a trip down memory lane before giving all of the characters a happy ending.

Four of the show"s worst episodes ever belong lớn season 9. "Bedtime Stories" was written entirely in rhymes, while "Slapsgiving 3: Slappapointment in Slapmarra" and its cultural appropriation aged lượt thích milk.

Barney went delusional in "Mom & Dad" và "The Poker Game" had no substance whatsoever.

The long-awaited mother finally joined the cast and she instantly became one of the show"s most likable characters. Everything about Tracy was perfect: the way she instantly bonded with Lily on the train, the chemistry she shared with Ted, và her entire backstory that fits so well into Ted"s.

"How Your Mother Met Me" was the season"s best episode và it showed what Tracy was doing for the past eight years before meeting Ted. The expectations were set high and fans were not disappointed.

Most of season 9 revolved around the weekend when Robin và Barney got married, so it was really disappointing to lớn see them fight và get a divorce one episode (which is three years) after they finally tied the knot. They could have easily be married earlier on in the show, so the disintegration of their marriage would have more substance. Even though Barney and Robin belonged together, it"s not their divorce that was the worst, it was the way it was handled.

Some storylines were dragged out for way too long, while others weren"t given enough screen time. It took Marshall half of the season lớn be reunited with the gang, traveling with a woman the audience wasn"t invested in at all.

7 Perfect: It Was Filled With Emotionally Charged Moments

As is expected for final seasons of beloved sitcoms, season 9 was sentimental và it didn"t lack emotional scenes.

From the beautiful wedding in "The end of the Aisle" to lớn Ted"s moving speech about loving Tracy until her death in "Last Forever: Part Two," there was no shortage of tear-jerkers in season 9.

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Barney"s character arc is a story about redemption. First, he transformed from a codependent hippie to the insecure & manipulative womanizer the audience met in season 1. The show then saw him change into a man who finally learned khổng lồ take responsibility for his own actions and even faced his childhood trauma along the way.

But that transformation was butchered just so he could go back to lớn doing the "perfect month" & getting a random girl pregnant. While his love for his new-born daughter was touching, the whole storyline was completely redundant.

5 Perfect: References khổng lồ The Past Seasons

Season 9 revisited a lot of old jokes và characters. Barney received his final slap bet just moments before Robin walked down the aisle & Tracy had her own little incident with Mitch AKA the Naked Man.

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In "Vesuvius," Ted goes over some of the show"s most memorable stories with Tracy before realizing he had told her all the stories he had to share.

The title of the show is How I Met Your Mother, but it should have been How I Convinced You lớn Date Aunt Robin. It turned out that the reason Ted decided to lớn tell his kids the story of how he met Tracy was khổng lồ get their approval lớn move on with his life và ask Robin out.

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While the kids didn"t seem lớn mind being lied to, the audience certainly did. The writers of the show essentially betrayed the fans as well as Tracy.

3 Perfect: Lily Redeemed Herself

As the seasons progressed, Lily became increasingly insufferable. She confessed to lớn manipulating Ted"s relationships, she took Marshall for granted, và she often took matters into her own hands by enforcing the so-called "Aldrin justice."

In season 6, Lily became more likable again. Even though most fans sided with Marshall in their infamous "going to lớn Italy versus Marshall becoming the judge" fight, she had every right to be upset with her husband. Things weren"t easy for Lily in the final season: Marshall"s mother emotionally blackmailed her và she had khổng lồ work really hard lớn keep Ted"s secret. Thanks to lớn Linus, she managed just fine.

Ted finished telling the story of how he met his children"s mother three minutes before the show finished for good. In those short three minutes, Ted realizes he (still) has a crush on Robin and decides lớn pay her a visit, bringing the iconic xanh French horn along with him.

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And just like that, without any extra words spoken, the show was over forever. So what if one of the show"s biggest storylines was about Ted letting go of Robin - it"s as if none of it mattered in the end.

1 Perfect: The Flashbacks và Flashforwards

Season 9 was fractured into a series of flashbacks and flashforwards, and as it slowly moved towards its end, the audience could piece all of those moments together into a well-rounded story.

The scenes were mix up as teasers of what was yet to come, but unfortunately, the writers made poor use of them.

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