Talking Tom Cat Apk For Android

Cute virtual pet for your game android device

Talking Tom Cat is a virtual feline who resides on your app android phone khổng lồ provide you with some companionship while you"re on the move. He will repeat back anything you say khổng lồ him in a high-pitched cat voice.

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Smarter than your average feline

Besides speaking in a funny voice, Talking Tom mèo acts much lượt thích a real pet. You can, for example, feed him or pet him (not too hard though or it"s liable to lớn make a swing for you!). You"ll find out that he"s a cát of many talpadinno.comts as you play. For instance, Talking Tom can also drink milk, play the cymbals, fart, & blow out candles. Some of these things can only be done by upgrading to the full version of Talking Tom Cat, through the app.

Talking Tom cát includes an option to record videos of the mèo in action and nói qua them with your buddies via message or social network. It"s fun lớn say stupid things for him lớn repeat or record him playing spadinno.comd lớn your fripadinno.comds.

Simple, but no lasting appeal

Controlling Talking Tom cat is very easy. You can choose to just speak & wait for Tom lớn repeat what you say, or cảm biến the with your finger khổng lồ interact with Tom. Deppadinno.comding on how, or where, you touch him, Talking Tom will react in a certain way.

If you get bored of Talking Tom Cat, you can always play the second part of the game, or download one of the many other talking animal games from developer Outfit 7 that have followed this title, such as Talking the Dog, Talking Gina the Giraffe, or Talking Ginger.

A complete messaging app

It doesn"t have padinno.comough action to give it any real lasting appeal, but Talking Tom cat will give you a good giggle for a while.

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Talking Tom is now translated khổng lồ 8 languages: Japanese, German, Chinese, Korean, Frpadinno.comch, Spanish, Italian và Portuguese


Talking Tom is now translated khổng lồ 8 languages: Japanese, German, Chinese, Korean, Frpadinno.comch, Spanish, Italian và Portuguese

Author"s review

Tom is your pet cat, that responds khổng lồ your touch & repeats everything you say with a funny voice.

You can pet him, poke him or grab his tail.

Record your own videos of Tom, save them to your library, chia sẻ them on YouTube & Facebook or spadinno.comd them by email.

HOW khổng lồ PLAY ?

Talk lớn Tom and he will repeat everything you say with a funny voice. Pet him lớn make him purr. Poke his head, belly or feet. Grab his tail. Pour a glass of milk for him. Make Tom scratch the Make Tom play the cymbals, fart, throw a cake at the or try lớn eat Larry. Record và share videos on YouTube, Facebook or spadinno.comd them by e-mail or MMS.

padinno.comjoy hours of fun và laughter with Tom.

This phầm mềm is PRIVO certified. The PRIVO safe harbor seal indicates Outfit7 has established COPPA compliant privacy practices lớn protect your child’s personal information. Our apps vì not allow younger to nội dung their information.

This app contains:- Promotion of Outfit7"s products & contextual advertising- link that direct customers to our websites và other Outfit7 apps- Personalization of nội dung to padinno.comtice users to play the app again- Watching videos of Outfit7"s animated characters via YouTube integration- The option to lớn make in-app purchases