Her conversational skills are top and her wit is đứng top as well, you cannot take your eyes off her, the top model of Korea, Song Kyung Ah.

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The passionate and charismatic talker that is always absorbing, Kim Ji Sook.

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He always warms the heart, the country’s Mr tall guy, Kim Jang Hoon. The powerful hip hop trio that overwhelms the stage, Clover’s Eun Ji Won, Gil Mi. He has now been reborn as an actor, the trendsetter of variety shows, Go Young Wook and the talk snipers that hold up Strong Heart! BoomKim Young Chul, Kim Hyo Jin, Jung Juri, Jo Jung Rin, Teuk Academy (Lee Teuk, Eun HyukShin Dong)

The man khổng lồ man talk battle! Unbelievable!

They will decide victory with the most surprising & intense stories that rocks the heart! The two people battle it out man to man with their story topics in this super talk battle!

Round 1, Kim Hyun Joong Vs Yoon Se Ah

Kim Hyun Joong, “I have come to lớn apologize to lớn Lee Seung Gi”


The pure hearted handsome guy that has extended his influence beyond the Earth into space, the bizarre boy, Kim Hyun Joong. He has come lớn “Strong Heart” lớn apologize profusely to MC Seung Gi? Seung Gi was anxiously waiting for him at dawn one day but where was Kim Hyun Joong? You will become happy just by imagining it, the personal life of the handsome singers will be revealed!

Yoon Se Ah “My fate changed because of a dance”


She has once again left a big impression on “Strong Heart” with her elaborate performance, the lady that is full of passion, Yoon Se Ah. Nhảy đầm Queen Yoon Se Ah, khiêu vũ was destiny and had changed her life. Her shocking dance that caused a historical drama audition to lớn fall into utter chaos. What was this dance? The lovely lady has prepared something khổng lồ congratulate Strong Heart and it’s 100th episode, her passionate Rumba performance!


Round 2, tuy nhiên Kyung Ah Vs Kim Jang Hoon

Song Kyung Ah, “My mother endlessly boasts about her daughter”


Even when she is away from the runway, she doesn’t chiến bại her energy and is witty, Song Kyung Ah. Her overflowing amount of confidence và her reflexes are all from her mother? No matter where she goes, she boasts about Kyung Ah. Thanks khổng lồ her supermodel daughter, her mother is always happy and proud. What was the reason that her mother received the spotlight in the middle of the runway in the finale of a fashion show?

Kim Jang Hoon, “I also want to lớn be loved”


He has come to lớn transmit happy energy lớn the whole world, the love evangelist that sings about love, Kim Jang Hoon. Kim Jang Hoon, I am a man, I am a man with autumn blues & full of loneliness. What was the message of love that the relationship expert, Super Junior’s Kim Hee Chul, personally taught to lớn Kim Jang Hoon? Hallyu Star Kim Hyun Joong also teaches him about messages of love as well!