Sen lớn Chihiro no Kamikakushi (Spirited Away) portrays more than breathtaking magic, delicious food, và strange spirits. The main stars of the film, Chihiro & Haku, tóm tắt a deep connection that becomes the most important aspect of the movie. Let's walk through the timeline of their relationship.

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Awkward Beginning


Chihiro và Haku first meet on the bridge that leads lớn the legendary Bathhouse. However, because the Spirit World is unsafe for Chihiro, Haku tells her khổng lồ leave immediately. Chihiro wondered why Haku acted cold & harsh to lớn her. Their first meeting wasn't your normal meet-and-greet, but these two soon meet again when Chihiro wanders around in panic.

Re-do of their First Meeting


Chihiro begins to disappear and goes to hide. Haku finds her and feeds her a small pill that helps her become whole again. Haku shows a kinder, softer side of himself in this meeting, which is his true nature. He even protects her from Yubaba, who is the witch & owner of the Bathhouse. This meeting was like a second chance, và Haku shows his real self lớn Chihiro.

Haku's Twin?


The next time Haku and Chihiro see each other again is when Yubaba summons Haku và asks him khổng lồ help Chihiro. However, he acts cold toward her, which causes Chihiro lớn become confused and wonder if there's another Haku. Haku's sudden coldness can be due khổng lồ the curse Yubaba put on him lớn control Haku. Another reason could be that Haku didn't want anyone to know that he was connected to Chihiro in order to lớn help her without any interference. His coldness can be seen as kindness in a way, but it's not Haku's true character as we later find out.

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Parents in the Pig Pen


Early in the morning, Haku takes Chihiro khổng lồ the pig pen so she can see her parents, who were turned into pigs. Chihiro và Haku sit in the garden after visiting the pen and share a quiet, special moment. Haku brings Chihiro a few onigiri that have a spell casted on them to give her energy. Haku's subtle, yet meaningful, gesture shows that he genuinely cares for Chihiro's well-being.

Haku and Chihiro Grow Together

Haku is a lost spirit who doesn't know where his home is, while Chihiro is a young pessimistic girl who just wants lớn go home. However, throughout their adventures in the Spirit World, both of them grow in various ways. Chihiro discovers her inner strength và becomes a more courageous individual, while, with the help of Zeniba and Chihiro, Haku is able khổng lồ remember his name and không tính phí himself from Yubaba.

By the over of the film, the two size a strong bond. They both overcame their extreme challenges thanks lớn each other's help.

Spirited Away is one of Hayao Miyazaki's most famous films. From love lớn magic, this movie combines meaningful life lessons and various heart-warming elements to create a true masterpiece.