The cat is out of the bag…our couple admits they are dating…what will the consequences be?

Oh My Venus Episode 9 Recap

Our leading man Kim Young Ho (So Ji Sub) meets with his cold fish father who signs the papers to allow Young Ho take his position, CEO of the company. His father comments this position was once occupied by his mother, then his father, & now him. He warns Young Ho lớn keep không lấy phí from scandal.

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Manager Min & his minions (ha!) drop Young Ho off. He’s tired và Manager Min is concerned. Young Ho trips going up the stairs và hurts his knee. He stumbles into his room. Our leading lady, Kang Joo Eun (Shin Min Ah) find Young Ho on the floor, his pant cut exposing his hurt knee. Young Ho is panting và sweating. She goes to lớn him but he asks her to lớn leave the room with words & the hand signal. Tears stream down her face but she honors the request.

She recalls he was sick as a child. She listens to his groan và pain and cries.

Young Ho takes medicine và injects himself. For a man that just got a clean bill of health from the doctor, he seems in pretty bad shape.

Our favorite boxer, Jang Joon Sung (Sung Hoon), help his mother with a package. Her face is battered and bruised. She comments that he is a nice young man. He stares at her in the snow, wishing she knew he was her son. Nice moment, the longing in Joon Sung’s eyes were evident. I was a bit surprised he didn’t react to her bruised face more.

When Young Ho exits his medi-room Joo Eun is waiting for him. He tells her he’s okay. She cries. They hug.

Young Ho’s Grandmother tells his father’s wife it is time for her to leave the house. Stepmother is shocked. Grandmother leaves the room to talk khổng lồ Manager Min.

Joo Eun sees Young Ho’s medical report. He admits he had cancer as a child. The scars on the knees are incision points from the multiple cancer surgeries. The pain is psychosomatic. Joo Euns continues khổng lồ cry because she empathizes và cherishes him. Young Ho pulls her next to lớn him on the bed. Young Ho notes everyone carries a certain amount of pain. We see his father in the hospital. We see her mother missing Joo Eun’s father. Young Ho asks Joo Eun not lớn run away from him. She jokes he must find her pretty. Young Ho says the healthier she gets, the sexier & prettier she’ll get. She asks if he wants her khổng lồ stay by his side. He does. He nestles into her.

The next morning Joon Sung và manager Kim Ji Wong (Henry) work with Joo Eun using hula-hoops.

Young Ho declares they slept together. Joo Eun hits him. The have breakfast together bantering about dating. She reminds him she’s moving out in 6 days. She has a new place close to lớn her friend & safe. Young Ho asks if she’s ok with being on his legal team. Joo Eun recognizes that her company is merely backup. Joo Eun says they need khổng lồ tell Joon Sung and Ji Wong they are dating. He pretends not khổng lồ understand.

Joo Eun and Young Ho work out. The couple exercises are cute. The boys interrupt but they keep it undercover they are dating.

Jang Hee Jin, star of commercials, shows up unexpectedly. Joon Sung và Hee Jin talk in her van. She wants to date or kiss. He wants khổng lồ concentrate on training because he’s got a big match coming up. She pouts wanting to dine with him at least. He can’t say no.

Im Woo Sik (Jung Gyu Woon) apologizes to former friend now annoying enemy & boss Oh Soo Jin (Yu In Young). These two are sleep inducing. 

Joo Eun announces lớn everyone they are going camping. Young Ho surprises everyone by agreeing. They wink at each other.

They get coffee và remember their first kiss. Joo Eun says moving out will avoid gossip.

Woo Sik comes into the coffee siêu thị and asks khổng lồ talk to Joo Eun. Young Ho leaves.

Woo Sik tells Joo Eun she’s looking good. Joo Eun tells him focusing on fitness helped her work out her feelings about their breakup. Woo Sik returns the proposal tie to lớn Joo Eun. She tells him she’ll give it khổng lồ someone that can use it. Woo Sik wishes her mother và brother weren’t hurt by their breakup. Woo Sik declares he’s happy that Joo Eun has found another man. But on the other hand, he still cares for her. She notes they’ve both moved on. Soo Jin spots them talking & sees the gift on the table.

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Joo Eun gets a stiff shoulder at work. She imagines Young Ho there helping her. Soo Jin stops by. She nags Joo Eun to lớn work harder và clean her desk.

Producer Go calls Woo Sik that he has proof that John Kim owns a house.

Stepmother’s brother is angry Young Ho’s grandmother wants lớn kick her out of the house.

Manager Min reminds Young Ho to be circumspect. He watches Stepmother’s brother hob nob with other executives.

Joo Eun’s best friend, Lee Hyun Woo (Jo Eun Ji) joins them on the camping trip. Ji Wong hugs her & calls her second Ma’am. Young Ho hasn’t camped before. Another sweet experience for Young Ho to lớn participate in. They sing by the campfire và have fun. They play a confession game. Young Ho admits he’s dating Young Ho. Everyone is surprised. Joo Eun confirms it.

Driving trang chủ Young Ho notes it is her last night in the house. When they arrive, Manager Min & his minions arrive. Manager Min tells Young Ho that Woo Sik has the information that he is John Kim. Joo Eun tries to leave. Young Ho grabs her & introduces her to lớn Manager Min. He tells Manager Min Joo Eun is the woman he’s dating.

My Thoughts

Our leads date in secret but finally admit the truth. Young Ho’s confession at the campfire shocked everyone, including Joo Eun, when he declared he and Joo Eun were dating. The cherry on the đứng đầu was when Young Ho made a similar declaration to Manager Min. Vị not think that Manager Min was as happy about it as the others were.* Joo Eun và Young Ho delivered the cute. They banter well. She wanted to be open about them dating sooner than Young Ho was ready. In the end, he realized she was right khổng lồ be upfront. I liked Joo Eun’s interaction with Woo Sik. She didn’t belittle him for having mixed feelings but she didn’t encourage him either. I thought she accepted Young Ho’s explanation about his medi-room và his past cancer easily. She didn’t push him và accepted the limited explanation he offered.* Young Ho decided lớn confess to dating Joo Eun. They are dễ thương together. You have khổng lồ see the scenes, no way I can capture their cuteness sufficiently in my recaps. I found it odd the amount of pain Young Ho was in when he is supposedly ok. I don’t buy the argument that the pain is all in his head.* Joon Sung and Ji Wong could have a larger story line. Hee Jin pouted her way to lớn keeping Joon Sung to agree to lớn a date. At least that’s what I’m assuming his trapped expression meant. I look forward lớn their date. These two could get more screen time. I like them. Joon Sung’s longing for his mother when he helped her carry a box was well done. Ji Wong’s dubbing Hyun Woo as “Ma’am 2 ” was cute.Soo Jin was jealous of Woo Siks’ residual feelings for Joo Eun.  These two do not interest me. I’m not really interested in Young Ho’s family either.* The fifth song of the OST has been released. check out the ballad “I’ll be there” by Tei via this link or the embedded đoạn clip below: