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Weather and conditions at Olympic can change quickly. For a safe and enjoyable trip, kiểm tra road, campground, trail conditions, and weather information before your visit. Current road, campground, and weather information is also available by calling our recorded line at (360) 565-3131 updated daily.

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Overview:Old-growth forest, subalpine lakes, and snowy peaks populate the Sol Duc landscape, while the Sol Duc River serves as a key highway for coho salmon, running through the valley and ascending to lớn the lakes & headwaters in the surrounding mountains.

The Sol Duc Valley is located in the northwest region of the park. Just 40 minutes west of Port Angeles, the Sol Duc is accessed by turning off Highway 101 onkhổng lồ the Sol Duc Road (directions). Always kiểm tra the road conditions or Call the recorded Road & Weather line for updates at 360-565-3131.

A general map and information regarding facilities, camping, picnic areas, & regulations can be found on the park"s Sol Duc Valley brochure.

Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort main entrance. Photo

Places to lớn Stay:The concession-operated Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort includes the Sol Duc campground with 82 sites in old-growth forest, right along the river. Reservations can be made online at

The resort also provides lodging and an RV campground; reservations are advised. The Resort is generally open late March through the last weekover in October. Lodging is also available in nearby Port Angeles or Forks.

Recreation:For those looking to lớn spover anywhere from a few hours lớn an entire day in the Sol Duc, there are a number of shorter hikes that may be suitable. From the parking lot, the walk through old-growth forest to lớn the Sol Duc Falls overlook is just a mile. Lover"s Lane (6 mile loop) & the climb lớn Mink Lake (5.2 miles roundtrip) can also be done in just a few hours.

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The Sol Duc Valley has a number of longer hiking trails which explore both the valleys and the mountains. The High Divide Loop that passes through Seven Lakes Basin is a popular 2-3 day hike. The views of Mount Olympus are astounding on a clear day.

The Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort has a variety of activities, including mineral pool bathing, mát xa, và dining.

The Salmon Cascades overlook is another popular destination during late October/early November. About 5 miles down the Sol Duc Road, visitors come khổng lồ watch the determined coho saltháng leap over the falls on their way to spawn upstream in the Sol Duc River.

Make sure lớn check the park"s fishing regulations!

Nearby Areas:Just đôi mươi miles north of the Sol Duc Valley is Lake Crescent. Both Heart O" the Hills & the Elwha Valley can be reached in about an hour. Make sure khổng lồ check out the Getting Around page for mileages to other park destinations.