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Captain America Vs. Iron Man: Their Friendly Rivalry Explained The rivalry between Captain America và Iron Man goes back a long way in the Marvel Comics, và there"s a lot lớn it.

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The rivalry between Captain America và Iron Man goes back a long way. While both have been Avengers since practically the beginning, they"ve found reasons khổng lồ disagree several times since then. Sometimes it"s only an argument, others it results in a shouting match, and, a few times, it"s come lớn blows and all-out battle such as in the film Captain America: Civil War

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But, why does this happen? They"re both heroes và more-or-less have the same goals, so why do these two iconic Avengers find a reason khổng lồ fight so often?

The most obvious difference between Steve Rogers & Tony Stark is that they come from different times và views on the world. Cap was born in the early 20th Century and has some nostalgia for the time, and Tony Stark was born in the post-war world and is constantly looking towards the future. Steve often refers lớn the modern era being far more complex than the simplicity of good against evil in World War II, và Tony wants to accelerate those "complexities" and make a new world even farther removed from the one Steve knew.

While one might consider Tony"s futurism innately noble, there is plenty of folly innate in that line of thinking. Tony"s futurist philosophy endorses change and technological acceleration at all costs, even if Tony may not think of it that way. Tony thinks that giải pháp công nghệ will work everything out over time while Steve believes that positive change comes from the interior. Steve holds onto his values và altruism, and Tony thinks such things are fungible so long as the end result is positive. Steve"s vision of heroism doesn"t allow for such things.

Captain America & Iron Man are both leaders, and their different ways of viewing the world will naturally shape their leadership. The two have different visions for the Avengers, và they"ve butted heads several times because of this. Steve has confidence in his beliefs, but Tony"s confidence comes more from an arrogance và an audacity that he knows better & has the right lớn take the Avengers to lớn that endpoint.

7 Class War

It"s also worth mentioning that, eras aside, the two men came from very different backgrounds. Steve Rogers was the son of an immigrant who grew up in poverty in Brooklyn. Tony Stark grew up in the lap of luxury in Long Island. It"s easy khổng lồ imagine, somewhere in the recesses of his mind, that Steve Rogers resents this about Tony Stark. The Rogers had lớn scrounge & struggle just to survive while the Starks had more money than any human being could spend in a lifetime. It"s hard lớn blame Steve for this.

While disagreements & arguments permeated their careers as Avengers, the animosity began lớn manifest in the 1990"s in two stories. One was the "Armor Wars" story arc in Iron Man comics. Iron Man discovered that his technology had been stolen and replicated by malefactors, và he began hunting down every armored anh hùng and villain.

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One of his targets was the Guardsmen, a corps of armored soldiers used by S.H.I.E.L.D. And the United States government lớn look over matters involving superpowers & the supernatural. Iron Man attacked the Guardsmen, believing that their armor may be stolen Stark tech. Steve tried to lớn stop Tony, và the two came lớn blows.

5 Operation: Galactic Storm

The other story is "Operation: Galactic Storm" in the Avengers comics. The Kree và Shi"ar Empires are at war, & it"s threatening khổng lồ spill over lớn the Solar System In the midst of all this, the Supreme Intelligence of the Kree wreaked mass destruction upon his own people through the use of a Nega-Bomb, which he hoped would accelerate Kree evolution. Two Kree asked the Avengers to assassinate the Supreme Intelligence for the Kree. Steve said no, but Tony wanted to bởi vì it. In the end, the Avengers killed the Supreme Intelligence.

This all finally came lớn a head with Mark Millar & Leinil Francis Yu"s Civil War story, where, after a catastrophe caused by superhumans that left hundreds dead, the United States government passes the Superhuman Registration Act. This law requires all super-powered individuals khổng lồ register with the government, submit their secret identities, và become super-powered cops on behalf of the government. Steve Rogers was against this, while Iron Man believed it lớn be the right move. Cap & a team of Secret Avengers went underground và continued to fight crime, and Iron Man was tasked with tracking Captain America down. This came to a series of mở cửa and destructive battles between Cap and Tony"s teams. It resulted in the death of Goliath, aka Bill Foster, and, in the end, Captain America himself.

3 The Illuminati

Surrounding this and other major events in Marvel history is the Illuminati, which was made up of Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Mister Fantastic, Professor X, black Bolt, và Namor. They manipulated several major events in Marvel history for the "greater good", including the Kree-Skrull War, the Secret Invasion, the Secret Wars, and Infinity Gauntlet. It was exposed when the Hood began hunting down the Infinity Gems, which the Illuminati had at the time. The secrecy infuriated Captain America, but he took an Infinity Gem for himself when the crisis with the Hood was resolved. However, he wanted the Illuminati khổng lồ make their decisions in the mở cửa going forward.

However, the Illuminati returned when the Incursions, two Earths from separate dimensions colliding và destroying their respective universes, began. This time, đen Panther organized the Illuminati & included Captain America in the planning. They reformed the Infinity Gauntlet lớn safely repel an Earth that was about to collide with theirs, but the Gauntlet và the Gems detonated in the aftermath. The rest of the Illuminati began discussing the possible need to destroy other Earths, but Cap wouldn"t hear of it. So, Doctor Strange wiped his mind of any memory of the Incursions or of the Illuminati.

1 Original Sin, Axis, and Time Runs Out

However, Cap did remember thanks to lớn the events of Original Sin, & he launched a global hunt for the Illuminati. At this point, Tony Stark has turned... "morally gray" thanks to the events of Axis, & he had been separated from the rest of the Illuminati. In the end, Steve was forced to lớn work with the Illuminati for the greater good. The Avengers, the Fantastic Four, and the Illuminati built an "Ark" khổng lồ save a select few from the Final Incursion, và Cap, wearing a suit of armor of his own, had one final bout with Iron Man lớn keep him from getting aboard the Ark while the world ended around them.